May 2019 Be A Great Year For Our Correspondents

The following appears in the January issue of California Sportsman: 

Happy New Year! 

We work hard to put out quality content in California Sportsman – from our executive editor to our designers and specifically, our correspondents. They provide the heart and soul of our publication’s words, whether they’re how-to pieces, news stories that dive deep into some of the state’s issues or just memorable moments that they’ve shared with a fishing rod, rifle or shotgun in the Golden State. 

I’m so thankful for them each month as they send me stories, photos and ideas. But I wanted to make sure they know that this editor appreciates them deeply and wishes them well in 2019. So here are my New Year’s hopes for our regular and semi-regular contributors (and a shout out to all of the writers who have contributed to California Sportsman in my five-plus years on the job). 

For Scott and Tiffany Haugen: That your experiences in Alaska, the Pacific Northwest, California and beyond continue to thrill you and inspire our readers. 

The author on the lake

For Mike Stevens: That you find another secret creek or pond deep in the Eastern Sierra wilderness where the trout are biting. And that your L.A. Dodgers make it back to the World Series (preferably against my Oakland A’s!). 

For Nancy Rodriguez: That you get to enjoy more backcountry fishing and hunting trips with your husband Joe. And for you and Joe to have another awesome international vacation with Alaska friends Louis and Ruth Cusack.  

Photos by Tim E. Hovey

For Tim Hovey: That your daughters Alyssa and Jessica never tire of joining their dad (and mom, Cheryl) fishing, hunting and exploring as a family.  

For Todd Kline: That whether it’s commentating at a pro surfing competition on some beautiful Pacific island, competing at an FLW tournament or providing clients with their fish of a lifetime, that your “Adventures of Todd Kline” are, well, adventurous. 

For Bill Schaefer: That there are more trophy bass landed on your boat at the Southern California lakes you have covered so diligently during your stint with us.

For Mark Fong: That we can meet up again this year and have another one of those Feather River striper trips like we had a couple years ago. Another Golden State Warriors NBA championship would be OK too. 

For Brittany Boddington: That you continue to show everyone that women can be just as avid and skilled hunters as the guys. And that you have a great wedding day!

I also wanted to send some thoughts to one of our part-time writers, Don Black, who suffered a terrible tragedy during the Camp Fire in November. Here’s hoping for better days ahead for Don and all of you this year. -Chris Cocoles