Massive Rainbow Caught On Feather River

Joshua Giordano with his 25-pound rainbow caught in the Feather River’s Thermalito Diversion Pool below Oroville Dam. (JOSHUA GIORDANO)

California’s state record for rainbow trout was threatened recently when a 25-plus-pound fish was caught below Oroville Dam. The state record is 27 pounds, caught at Sacramento County’s Lake Natoma by Frank Palmer in 2005. Here’s more from The Stockton Record on Joshua Giordano’s trout:

The official weight on the certified scale at the Feather River Fish Hatchery was 25.25 pounds for the fish caught on May 22.

“The trout was 35 inches in length by 25 inches in girth, a truly amazing fish,” said Giordano.

Giordano caught the rainbow on a swimbait under a bobber. He was using a 10-foot 6 SST Okuma 10 to 20-pound line rod teamed up with a Helios 3500 series reel. He hooked the fish on 25-pound test Power Pro line, attached to a 15-pound Seagar leader.