Massive Clear Lake Catfish Could Be Record-Breaking

Photo courtesy of Tactical Bassin’.


The above Clear Lake catfish, caught by Vacaville’s Sean Moffett, could represent a world record for length. 

Here’s the Santa Rosa-Press Democrat with more:

The sun had not yet risen on Saturday when Vacaville chiropractor Sean Moffett drove out to Clear Lake to spend his morning bass fishing. He didn’t have much luck at first, so he decided to make a change to a new bait. By the end of his solo fishing trip, he would reel in a catfish worthy of a world record.

The catfish, measuring 89 centimeters from its nose to the long end of its tail, weighed almost 30 pounds with a girth of 24.5 inches, according to a KTVU report.

At first, he thought it was just a large bass fish. In fact, that’s what he was hoping for, Moffett said in an interview with Matt Allen, a Clear Lake fishing guide and creator of the fishing blog Tactical Bassin.


It took him about 10 minutes to bring the massive fish to his boat.

“It was quite the adrenaline rush first thing in the morning,” Moffett said of his catch.

The current International Game Fish Association all-tackle world record is 80 centimeters. Moffett has submitted the measurements to the association with the possibility of officially beating that record.

There’s also video of the incidental catch via