Man tries to steal AK-47 by Stuffing it in his Pants

This is proof of why gun laws and banning assault rifles will not fix society’s problem

A man named Marlon Paul Alarez goes into a Florida pawn shop in broad daylight and attempts to steal an AK-47 by stuffing it down his pants. Not exactly smart by any standards. This was captured by the store CCTV camera.

In the video, you can hear the judge run through his dumb plan and question the young man’s efforts. This is a prime of example of how far criminals and murderers will go to get their hands on weapons. Taking guns away from responsible citizens to protect themselves will only cause more harm to our society and the people who live in it.

This story seems silly and we crack jokes at the manner of which he attempted to steal the weapon, but gun theft is a big issue to our law enforcement. Situations like this almost never end good when the criminals are not stopped.

We urge everyone to be trained and abide the law to carry for the state you are in.

by Colton Bailey revised by CalSports
Source: LiveLeak