Make Independence Day Weekend Count

Photo by Chris Cocoles

It’s another summer holiday, filled with the waft of burgers and sausages cooking on our grills, baseball games and fireworks shows (hopefully of the legal variety; I always make sure my dog isn’t far away in case she freaks out with the booming of firecracks and bottle rockets).

So be safe today and during whatever else you might be doing this extended holiday weekend, put aisde whatever poltical subplots you might be following and root on the U.S. Women’s National Team in Sunday’s Women’s World Cup final – you don’t have to love everyone in red, white and blue – just support the soccer team and who they are playing for (spoiler alert: it’s you and I), and take some time to reflect on how we got here, the mistakes that have been made and the good things we’ve done as a nation during these 243 years.

Happy Fourth of July! And don’t forget that Saturday is Free Fishing Day in California!