Lost Hunter Found In Tulare County After Four Days Missing

Good news from a potentially tragic situation, as a 75-year-old hunter who got lost from his party (see above description from Tulare County Sheriff’s Office) has been found safe after being missing for four days. Here’s more from Your Central Valley TV stations in Fresno:

Saldana met up with his father and a friend, and late Wednesday, they spotted smoke and knew it had to be Juan.

“Sure enough, 7 ‘clock this morning, he sends us a GPS message saying, ‘I found him’”, said Martinez.

Four days in the wild appeared to leave its mark on the man, his face covered in dirt and grime, but he was okay.

The triumphant reunion was captured in a few photos taken by the men, all sharing a smile and a collective sigh of relief.

Good news that Juan has been found safe.