Los Angeles County Board Of Supervisors Oppose Controversial Catalina Island Deer Eradication

A contentious battle has ensued over a Catalina Island plan that would eradicate the Southern California island’s non-native deer population is being opposed by Los Angeles County Supervisors.

Here’s the Los Angeles Daily News with more:

“Eradicating Catalina Island’s entire population of more than 1,770 mule deer through aerial shooting from helicopters is inhumane and drastic, and potentially dangerous to the public,” concluded a motion approved by the board in a unanimous vote.

The supervisors suggested the conservancy try other and less drastic methods to thin the herd, such as mass sterilization or birth control, relocation — and expanding the deer hunting season. The board’s opposition to the aerial killing, and its request that alternatives be tried, will be included in a letter from the board to the California Department of Fish and Wildlife (CDFW).

A permit to enact the program was submitted to the CDFW in August 2023 and is currently under review. “Nothing has been approved yet,” said Tim Daly, CDFW spokesperson on Tuesday. He did not comment further on the status of the permit.