Look Ma: Both Hands

Via the Orange County Register, check out the above video of a crazy but effective way to score some tuna for fish tacos, sashimi or a big fillet for the grill.

Here’s more from the paper:

Lawrance Quigley, a 52-year-old Dana Point resident, was doing his ritual surf check when he saw a crowd gather near the rocks by the jetty. He hopped out of the car and whipped out his cellphone to capture the moment on video.

“Got your fishing license?” a man is heard joking in Quigley’s video.

“It’s pretty odd,” said Quigley, who owns the fishing clothing line Fishworks. “The funny thing is, he missed it and the fish came back, like a dog.”

At first, Quigley thought it was a yellow fin tuna, which would have made the sight even stranger considering the cold water temperatures dipping into the 50s. Yellow fin typically only show up in warmer waters.

But upon closer inspection of still shots, Quigley said, he now believes it was a blue fin tuna, which can tolerate colder waters. He estimated the fish was about 25 to 30 pounds.

At an angler trade show in Long Beach over the weekend, Quigley said, he was peppered with questions — people asking, “Dude, was that for real?”

“It’s definitely a strange, odd thing,” he said.