Leopard attacks a Safari Guide

A tourist’s camera captured an enraged leopard attacking a vehicle full of people, mauling the arm of a safari guide.

You can hear the horrified shrieks of tourists as a leopard attacks an open-top jeep filled with other members of their party, clawing and chomping down on the arm of safari guide Curtis Plumb.

The jeep took evasive action as the leopard refused to release its grip on the guide’s arm, backing up in an attempt to force the big cat to let go. It did, but renewed its attack, chasing after the vehicle and attempting to jump onto the hood.

The driver then reverses direction in a successful effort to run over the attacking carnivore, injuring it.

A minivan also goes on the offensive and runs over the still-alive animal again, stopping any further aggression from the cat. The leopard was later put down by park officials.

Plumb was taken to a hospital and underwent surgery on his arm. He is reported to be in stable condition. The driver of the jeep Plumb was in as well as the action of the driver of the minivan are credited with preventing further injury or death of Plumb and possibly others.

The attack took place in Kruger National Park, South Africa and comes on the heels of last month’s mauling and death of American Katherine Chappell by a lion in a park in Johannesburg.

by David Smith

Source: BarCroft TV Youtube