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Francine Thompson of San Diego’s Lake Jennings provided this update:


Lake Jennings Weekly Catch and Release
December 9, 2014
Hello from your Lake Jennings!
Trout season is such a great time of year and what makes it even better is good fishing. As we near the end of the first
month of trout fishing we couldn’t ask for it to go any better. Thank you all for your support, and keep a close watch
on what’s to come as I do have some surprises. As of right now, we just planted another 1,200 pounds of Nebraska
Tailwalkers and another 1,200 pounds of the Tailwalkers is scheduled for next week. With the return of Kid’s Day
this January 3, 2015 I will have an additional 3,800 pounds of trout put in during the week leading up to Kid’s
Day, plus the Kid’s Pond will be stocked. Kid’s Day is a FREE day of fishing with food and prizes for kids up to
the age of 10. If you want your child to really be interested in fishing they must catch a fish, and to help make this
happen I will have the Kid’s Pond stocked and ready with the help of Lakeside Optimist and the Lakeside Sagebrush
and Manzanita 4-H clubs. All you have to do is bring your kids and get ready for one of the great memories that lasts
a lifetime. I can tell you from experience that it’s the simple things like camping and fishing that kids appreciate and
remember best. Speaking of camping, the campground is filling up quickly, so if you want a spot for Kid’s Day you
need to reserve as soon as possible. Keep watching for more details or sign up for the Weekly Fishermen’s news.
Also, prizes will be given out from your local Bait and Tackle shops such as Barnacle Bill’s, East County Bait &
Tackle, Lakeside Bait & Tackle, and Turner’s Outdoorsman. Turner’s has been a great partner during this season and
we both are very excited to offer two new programs. As our sponsor for the trout season, Turner’s has “Tagged
Fish” and “Monthly Giveaways”, both programs run until the end of April. Tags must be brought to the Bait &
Tackle shop for verification and to redeem your prize.
The bass are still biting very well but your best bet this time of year is to fish by boat and make your way around the
entire lake.
Bluegills have been biting like mad fish over the past few weeks, and these guys are weighing in on average at 1 ½
pounds each. Without a doubt that’s an impressive Bluegill. I will give you a hint, just don’t tell everyone. The best
bite is the last few hours the lake is open, and the last time I checked they had no problem getting a large
nightcrawler. There are only a few times a year when the larger ones become this aggressive, so if you enjoy
everything from catching to eating this fish you need to come out soon.
Last are the catfish which just seem to keep at it, so fish for what you want but lately the cats are taking anything they
have the opportunity to get.
Thank you all for your support on the start of what may be one of our best trout seasons to date. Lake Jennings is
quickly becoming the place to be and was recently voted on as the #2 Best Trout Fishing Lake in the
County. Don’t forget that if you catch a “Tagged Trout” bring it to the Bait & Tackle shop for an official weigh in
and to redeem your prize and you can enter to win the monthly prize giveaway, both programs are sponsored by your
local Turner’s Outdoorsman in El Cajon.
At the end of each month from now to April, a prize will be given to the largest trout caught. Prizes vary and the
current prize is posted at the Bait and Tackle shop. You must be able to pick up your prize and prizes cannot be
mailed or delivered.
Please remember that with the busy mornings we would be happy to answer your questions about fishing as soon as it
slows down, but a better way is to attend our weekly Saturday Fishing University at 10:00 am, held outside the Bait &
Tackle shop. There we can give you the time you need for a hands on class and answer all your questions. Another
way to get information is to sign up for the weekly Fishermen’s News. Please stop by the Bait & Tackle Shop to
report your catch.Check out the Trout Stocking Schedule online with the Fishermen’s News or sign up for the weekly “Fishermen’s
News” so you don’t miss out on any surprises like Lightning Trout. They may show up, but if you’re not following
you’ll just be reading about it after they’re gone. This is also a great way to stay up to date on what’s working and
what’s not; we want you to catch fish!
If you have any questions, or for more information check out the links below or call at 619.390.1623 and we would be
happy to assist.
Best Trout Spots: Cactus Patch, Half Moon Cove
Best Trout Lures/Bait: Nightcrawlers, PowerBait, PowerWorms and Mini Jigs
Best Bass Spots: All along the banks.
Best Bass Lures/Bait: Swimbaits, Drop-shot, shiners, crawdads – you name it.
Best Catfish Spots: All the coves
Best Catfish Bait: Mackerel, Chicken Liver, or Dough Bait
Best Panfish Spots: Entrance to the coves
Best Panfish Lures/Bait: Mealworms and Nightcrawlers