Lake Jennings Trout Opener Set For Nov. 18 Weekend

The following is courtesy of San Diego-area’s Lake Jennings:


Stocking: This season 20,000 pounds of Rainbow Trout will be stocked from November to April. The first stocking will be the week of November 14th where 2,500 pounds will be stocked for the opener. Ten percent of every stock is over 3 pounds.

Hatchery: Trout will be coming from Wright’s Rainbows in Thatcher, Idaho. Wright’s Rainbows is a family-owned business and has been farming trout since 1991. In addition to California, they also stock in Utah and Arizona. 

What’s the catch? The best time to fish for Rainbow Trout is early morning. Once the sun has risen, they will seek shelter from the bright light. Cloudy days are great days to fish for rainbow trout. Keep in mind these are farmed trout so they will prefer shallower depths until they are acclimated. Try fishing Siesta, Hermit, and Eagle Coves the weekend immediately after the stocking. Salmon peach salmon egg powerbait is very effective for Rainbow Trout as well as mini jigs. A piece of inflated nightcrawler will also encourage a bite. More information on floating rigs, mini jigs and trolling for trout in Lake Jennings can be found HERE.

Anyone over 16 years old, will need a California State Fishing License to fish our lake as well as one of our lake permits. Fishing licenses can be purchased at most large sporting goods stores, in addition to Walmart, or ONLINE. Children under 16 can fish under their parent’s license. There are no size limits on trout caught however, the daily bag limit for Rainbow Trout caught in California waters is five according to the Department of Fish and Wildlife.

Conditions: The ideal water temperature for Rainbow Trout is below 72 degrees. The water temps in our lake are consistent throughout because it’s aerated, so you can fish trout throughout the water column. The sun will rise around 6:21 a.m. and set at 4:45 p.m. the weekend of the opener. For a complete weather report in Lakeside, click HERE.

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*Entrance gate closes at 4:00 PMThe campground shoreline is still available to fish 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. seven days a week. Live bait and fishing permits are available for purchase at the campground kiosk.