Lake Jennings Fishing Report

El Cajon's Brian, Daniel and Grace Martin teamed with Chris Flor to catch 15 catfish totaling 60 pounds, using mackerel. (LAKE JENNINGS)
El Cajon’s Brian, Daniel and Grace Martin teamed with Chris Flor to catch 15 catfish totaling 60 pounds, using mackerel. (LAKE JENNINGS)

Southern California had a scorching weekend with temperatures soaring around 100 degrees. Lake Jennings ( has the perfect remedy to beat the late-summer heat in and around San Diego: night fishing!

Here’s the report from the lake’s Francine Thompson:


As we do our best to cope with September’s heat, remember that the evenings cool down, and what better thing to do

than fish? The night fishing continues for the rest of September, but the number of channel cats stocked combined

with our existing population will last year round. On top of that, historically the catfishing steps up a level in

September, and that’s one of the biggest reasons for the extended night fishing season. Many of you over the past

several years comment on how good the catfishing starts to get just when the season ends, so here’s your opportunity

to come out and get ‘em. Lake Jennings has one more stocking for this season that will occur mid-month. Please

remember, Lanterns are required to be at the lake after dark, and Night Fishing is only on Fridays and Saturdays.

The redear and bluegill continue to produce high numbers if you can tolerate the heat. Fish for bit, take a break and

grab a bite to eat and plenty of water, and then go back out. Your permit is good from open to close. Not every place

around the lake will produce high numbers, and you will need to work for them. Check out the information provided

below for some tips.

The bass bite continues to be fair throughout the day but has had very good improvement during the evening. Night

fishing is not just for catfish. The lake water level will drop more over the next month and with the drop everything is

on the move, bait and fish.

Keep on the lookout for the announcement of the change to the upcoming trout season. Hopefully you will be as

excited as we are!!

Lake Jennings Campground continues to draw in campers from all over and if you haven’t made your reservation yet

don’t wait any longer. If you like to have your camping experience a bit less occupied then come out during the week

from Sunday through Thursday. The next long-term (minimum 30 days) reservations start in October so make plans

soon because we will sell out for the next six months.

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