Lake Isabella’s Big Buck$ Derby Winner

David Agular with this very valuable Lake Isabella trout.
David Aguilar with his very valuable Lake Isabella trout.

From George Stahl of the Kern River Valley Chamber of Commerce:

David Aguilar of Bakersfield caught a 23 1/2-inch trout which won the longest trout award at last weekend’s Lake Isabella Fishing Derby  David was wearing an official 2015 Derby T-shirt when he caught the fish, so his first-place, $5,000
prize doubled to land him a cool $10,000!

There are still plenty of the 10,000 pounds of 1- pound to 13-pound  trout – with some as big as 16 pounds – left in Isabella Lake. Even though there is no money attached to any of them now, they are still worth the trip to the Kern River Valley for a great day
of fishing and fun!