Lake Del Valle Update

An update from Livermore’s Lake Del Valle: 

Lake Del Valle stripers (PHOTO BY LAKE DEL VALLE)
Lake Del Valle stripers (PHOTO BY LAKE DEL VALLE)
Due to the water temp dropping to 53 degrees, the trout fishing has picked up along the East beach and out by the dam.  Most fishermen are having success with Berkley products such as (Power-Bait, Mice tails, power eggs & worm combo).  Lure fishermen are pulling larger trout with gold Kastmasters, Panther Martin spinners, drop-shotting artificial worms,  and the rare but successful fly fishermen are landing nice fish on BIG natural looking flies.  Although striper fishing slowed down, we’re seeing less shakers and more double-digit stripes.
Jim Peponis from San Jose was able to land a 18-pound and a 19-pound striper in the same week on a Yum flashmobb Alabama rig on his own boat in between the south end and the narrows, Congratulations Jim!  Other big stripers have been caught with swim baits, night crawlers, and cut baits like chovies or mackerel.  My preferred method of catching  larger striped bass hands down is slow working a wood 8-inch Lunker Punker  phantom trout made by Black Dog Bait Co.
It’s a must-have lure for any advanced large striper fisherman. Catfish are also on the bite after these two storms washed sediment into the lake sardines, mackerel, chicken livers, and anchovies are being productive.  My advice for people fishing for cats at this time of year is always have a bottle of any Pro-Cure scent, it helps to disperse a tasty oil trail that cats can’t refuse and will get you more bites which means more fish!  You can always come talk to Me or the staff on the boat rental docks for local and recent news on fishing this great California reservoir.  Good luck to all who seek their trophy!