Klamath Spit Salmon Fishing Winding Down

Photo by Green Water Fishing Adventures
Photo by Green Water Fishing Adventures

Northern California’s Klamath Spit fishing will soon be shut down for salmon as the quota nears .

Here’s the California Department of Fish and Wildlife for more:

Anglers have only a few more days to fish for salmon in a popular Humboldt County spot before it closes for the season. Klamath River anglers will have caught their sub-quota of 2,120 adult fall-run Chinook below the Highway 101 bridge by sundown Tuesday, Sept. 15, closing the spit (within 100 yards of the channel through the sand spit formed at the Klamath River mouth) to fishing one hour after dark.

Only the mouth of the river is affected by this closure. Fishing downstream of the Highway 101 Bridge in the estuary will be unaffected until the lower river quota of 7,067 adult fall-run Chinook over 22 inches is met. Once that number is met, anglers will still be able to fish but will have to release any Chinook over 22 inches. The lower Klamath River tally is currently at 2,687 salmon caught.

The Klamath River above the confluence with the Trinity River will remain open until 2,403 adult Chinook are caught.

The quota on the Trinity River is 2,332 adult Chinook from the confluence with the Klamath River up to Cedar Flat, and 2,332 adult Chinook from Cedar Flat up to the Old Lewiston Bridge.

Anglers may keep track of the status of open and closed sections of the Klamath and Trinity rivers by calling 1 (800) 564-6479.