Salmon Success Seemed To Go South This Summer

From the Triplicate  newspaper in Crescent City, it’s been a banner year for Pacific Ocean king salmon fishing – at least in the southern range for California. Here’s more from reporter Jessica Goddard:

“It was a good one,” acknowledged fisherman Richard Hagel of Crescent City, “(although) I don’t know if I’d term it one of the best. We’ve had some big years in the past, you know.

“But I would say that in recent history, it was the best season.”

That depends on where you fish, of course. Not every California fisherman got that lucky. Some reported that very few salmon made it to the state’s northern coast. “Nobody seems to understand why, but the fish stayed south,” said Rick Shepherd of Crescent City, president of the Crescent City Commercial Fishermen’s Association.
Goddard went onto say some of the best king catch rate happened from Bodega Bay to as far south as Monterey Bay.