How to kill a Rattlesnake with your bare hands

Rattlesnakes can be dangerous and Terrifying

Rattlesnakes are common in certain states others are not. Some like them, some don’t, if you encounter one and need to dispose of it. Meet Neal Hunt, he demonstrates the correct, easy, and ethical way to do so. Neal explains it’s the best way to dispose of one, see the video below.

Neal makes it look so easy by picking up the rattler and snapped it like a bull whip.

The snake dies instantly from the neck break and loses its mobility or any natural body twitch like a bite.

Sometimes if the head is severed, the snake can still bite and the venom will still cause damage.

If you are looking to save the skin for a pair of new boots or a cool taxidermy mount, this method allows the snake to remain in good shape.

Although this works very well, we encourage you to just walk the other way and not risk being bit by the snake.

by Colton Bailey

Source: Caza Y Pesca Facebook, Hazard Zone TV Youtube