Jason vs Bull Moose

Don’t try this out in your neck of the woods.

This “hunter” demonstrates why he is nominated for “Jackass of the month”.
Any serious hunter would respect the game that he pursues. Harassing a wild animal is un-called for, the following video highlights pure stupidity and also demonstrates how not to behave in the field.

Not wanting to give anything away, here’s the video for you to judge yourself.

There would be nothing wrong with this clip if he intended to harvest the animal. But luring a moose to within inches, only to smack it in the antlers then let out a bark is, well, just plain idiotic.

What are your thoughts? In my view, as someone who wants to show hunting in a positive light, it’s behaviors such as this that give anti-hunters the ammunition they need.

The people who produced the video did state this in writing:
“Warning, do not try this with wild animals. Their actions and reactions are unpredictable and sometimes dangerous to humans.”

by Justin Hoffman revised by Calsports Editorial

Source: Bonne Chasse Youtube