Isabella Derby Update

From our man George Stahl with the Kern River Valley Chamber of Commerce:


10-year-old Joseph Gutierrez of Bakersfield with the first “tagged” trout of the Derby; his $100 Bobber Bowl winnings are sponsored by
Royal Oaks Mobile Home Park.



Martin Lang of Granada Hills, CA brought in a 19-inch trout he caught taking the No. 1 spot for the longest fish award as of 11:45am.

A few of the others who are in the running as of noon were: Lynne Sandlin of Kernville, 17 1/2 inches; Bakersfield’s Martin Giuntoli at 17 3/4 inches; James Jones of Palmdale, 18 1/2 inches; and Harry Smith of Lake Isabella weighing in at 17 3/4 inches.

There is still plenty of time however, for someone to come in with a longer trout! Lang was the third fisherman to claim the coveted spot this morning!
Any one of the 1,732 entrants is in play for this year’s Longest Trout Contest!

The Lake Isabella Fishing Derby continues through Monday.