Is Hunting Ritual too Extreme?

A man is facing serious backlash after proudly posting photos of his daughter taking a bite of warm deer heart as part of a hunting tradition.

On NZ Woman Hunters Facebook page, hunter Johnny posted a photo of his daughter, “little pink ninja princess Chloe”, taking a bite of a deer heart straight from the chest of a deer she killed. This submission has been taken off Facebook.

Johnny submission states he is a proud dad and that his daughter successfully shot and killed a young stag using his shoulder as a leaning rest. It’s a tradition that is known in the hunting community, but not everyone partake in this “ritual”.

Upon this submission NZ Woman Hunters page have had over 20,000 shares with comments filled with people criticizing Johnny’s parenting skills and referring both as “sadistics” and “psychopaths”.


However, many have also come to both defense, stating that the honor of biting the first heart of one’s first kill is a hunting ritual. BuzzFeed News was able to contact Johny and asked him about the controversy. He confirmed that this was indeed her first kill, and he is still proud of his daughter.

He told BuzzFeed News:

“I’d quote the saying, ‘Lions do not care of the opinions of sheep.’ She wanted to do it when she saw a picture of her uncle biting the heart of his first deer.

“We’re not too serious about it; it’s something some hunters do with the first kill. I wouldn’t say [it is] ritualistic, but she is a hunter now.”
For now, it’s unknown why the Facebook page is currently shut down.

by Shannon Ratliff revised by CalStaff

Source: NZ Woman Hunter Facebook, OutdoorHub, Buzzfeed