Hunter, 72, Found Alive In Mendocino

This is a remarkable story of perseverance. Gene Penaflor, 72, was hunting in the rugged Mendocino National Forest, broke away  from his hunting partner, fell and hit his head, and after waking up from an unconscious state disoriented and confused, spent 18 days in the wilderness. He was found by other hunters after an official search was abandoned.

From the NBC Bay Area report:

After some time spent walking around the area, Penaflor was unable to determine which direction to travel and stopped moving.

He started a fire to keep warm and on days it snowed or rained, he took shelter under a log. He remained in one spot due to a nearby water source.

Temperatures fluctuated between 25 and 70 degrees during the nearly three weeks Penaflor spent alone. He fed himself by killing and eating squirrels in the area.

It’s good to see Gene reunited with his family in San Francisco.

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