How do you spell “apathy?” Apparently, with the letters “s-a-l-m-o-n” …

So it turns out that there aren’t 300 people in Northern California who give a damn about salmon? If you hadn’t heard, the scheduled April 26 Golden Gate Salmon Association dinner has been postponed until the fall because ticket sales fell well short of 300.

My buddy J.D. Richey sums it up pretty well here:

“I’m particularly hacked off at the owners of a few popular fishing stores around town that didn’t buy a single seat despite the fact that, collectively, millions of their sales are salmon-related. Many guides who kill hundreds of salmon annually for profit also didn’t chip in. Guys, ask yourselves one question: How much is it going to cost you if we have more years of salmon closures in the future? This apathy is disturbing. Everybody seems to want to voice their displeasure when fishing gets worse and the water mongers take more of our water, but when it comes time to support the group that has the best chance of standing up for us…CRICKETS. SILENCE. NOTHING.”