Helicopter Footage Captures Wolves waiting on Wounded Elk

A wounded bull elk faces unfortunate fate by hungry wolves.

A rescue helicopter near Glacier National Park with high-tech video equipment has captured some unbelievable footage of opportunistic aspect of mother nature. The video equipment on the Two Bear helicopter is designed to locate lost hikers, but in this video it captures a bit more.

Watch the incredible, yet eery rescue helicopter footage as a wounded elk counts down its final moments.

The elk appears to have a wounded leg which will ultimately be fatal as the wolves sneak in for an easy meal. As the video switches to thermal imaging, it shows the wolves patiently waiting in the distance.

The Idaho Fish and Game biologist are beginning to use thermal imaging to gain information of big game animals, but gathering the sex and age is challenge using the technology.

As the video comes to an end, a raven hops in the frame and likely rings the dinner bell for the wolves.

by Jake Hofer

Source: WolveElk2 Youtube