Headless Zombie Fish Tries to Bite

This zombie headless fish is alive and well, and trying to take off the hand of the woman trying to skin it for dinner!

This bowfin is trying to fight back from becoming a meal, losing its head won’t stop this determined fish.

Watch a fish dinner try and turn the tables on some poor woman and bite the hand that’s trying to make it into a fish fry:

Has watching a fish being cleaned ever been so much fun? Here’s a little review of that future fillet’s condition:


It’s time to take that one back to lake, nice lady!

If you just want to talk scientific and discuss the reasons why muscle movement and nerve endings still work on a headless fish without guts, be my guest!

The fun part will be sharing this far and wide to talk about how the zombie apocalypse will officially be caused by some pissed off bowfins.

by Craig Raleigh

Source: Ed Cupp Youtube, Instanbul FM Facebook