Haunted Hunting Grounds? Ducks Unlimited Includes California In Spookiest Waterfowl Areas

The countdown to Halloween is now on, and while too many grown men. and women will do the cliché move of dressing up like Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce (though kudos to this couple who already set the standard… with the ultimate foreshadowing moment in 2020!), it’s fun to get in on the mayhem.

Ducks Unlimited got into the Halloween spirit with a listing of spookiest waterfowl hunting areas, including paying homage to California’s Central Valley. Here’s DU with more:


Since the 16th century, the Mexican folktale of the “La Llorona” has been a staple in the San Joaquin Valley. This legend has many variations, but the core stays the same: water and a weeping woman.

According to one variation of the story, a woman was so distraught by her unfaithful spouse that she drowned her children in a river and later was so filled with guilt that she decided to end her life. After death, she was cursed and forced to roam waterways until she found her children.

Throughout the area, there have been many reports of unearthly screams and apparitions appearing on foggy nights. Other reports state that people have handprints appear on the windows of vehicles. Some reports take it a step further and say that she comes hurling at vehicles on the road, trying to steal children. Maybe the most chilling reports of all come from anglers and hunters who have heard a voice whisper, “Help me. I can’t find them.” Then, a woman-like figure appears on top of the water.