Grocery Store-Crashing Bear Back In The Wild

One of my favorite recent commercials is the one where a bunch of bears run amok in a grocery store (“Is that salmon wild-caught?” “Can I get a price check on honey?”)

In bruin-crazed Lake Tahoe, such an absurd concept isn’t that uncommon, as a Kings Beach store literally became a bear market. It was a bit terrifying for at least one employee, as the below video explains.

But now the bear is back in nature’s supermarket. Here’s more from the Sacramento Bee:

The “Safeway Bear” was seen on video multiple times entering local businesses looking for food, McClatchy News reported. 

But now the bear has been caught — and returned back into nature, according the California Department of Fish and Wildlife.

Fish and Wildlife officials said the bear is 16 to 18 years old and weighs around 500 pounds, SFGate reported. Due to the bear’s advanced age, placement at a zoo or other wildlife facility was almost impossible because older bears who have spent their lives in the wild are unlikely to acclimate.