Great White Shark Confrontation Off SoCal Coast

Photos by Keith Poe of a great white shark that approached his fishing boat.


Grind TV reports about a rather scary confrontation between a Southern California shark tagger and a great white.

Here’s Grind TV’s Pete Thomas with more:

One of the great white sharks that attacked Keith Poe‘s fishing boat over a recent three-day period struck the 24-foot vessel with such force that Poe thought it had been struck by a sailboat.

“Words cannot describe how loud the impact was around my head [while I was] inside the boat’s v-berth,” Poe stated Saturday in a Facebook description of his extraordinary encounter, while fishing near a dead whale off Los Angeles County. “The boat was full-on attacked 7 different times… usually at sunrise or sunset.” …

The prolific shark tagger, whose vessel is named Shark Tagger, planned to tag and release white sharks attracted by the whale’s scent. (Poe held a scientific permit from the Marine Conservation Science Institute.)

Here’s Poe’s video with damages to his boat.