Great White Shark breaks into Diver’s Cage

“Shark proof” is maybe more “Shark resistant”.

“Don’t worry,” they said “The cage is shark-proof” they said.

I’m sure that’s what the diver in this video was thinking when a great-white busted through the allegedly shark-proof cage.
(Actually, I suspected there was a lot more we can’t print on a family-friendly website going on in their mind).


While this looks -and undoubtedly is- a terrifying experience, it’s really not entirely the shark’s fault. The shark couldn’t see the diver -or the cage- while lunging at the shark bait, and sharks can’t swim backwards, so after not moving forward, the shark’s first instinct probably led them to shoving forwards– and right through the ‘shark-proof’ bars. Much like the rule “Anything is flammable if you try hard enough”, maybe not everything is shark-proof. So the next time you think about vacationing abroad and/or living on the “adventurous” side on your scuba trip, consider re-watching JAWS instead.

by Sam Morstan
Source: Gabe and Garrett Youtube