Government Lock Down Affects Anglers And Campers Near Fresno

By Chris Cocoles on Oct. 9
I know Fresno pretty well, having attended and graduated from Fresno State and worked in the area for two more years. And we Fresnans knew October provided an opportunity to enjoy the outdoors in between the oppressive heat that baked the San Joaquin Valley all summer, and the colder than Californians winter with that nasty tule fog giving Fresno a Hound of the Baskervilles eerie look to it. So it’s got to be frustrating for Valley residents as the government shutdown is now well into week two.

The Fresno Bee reports about how local fishing and camping spots are being affected by the closures of government facilities.

From the story:

The good news: Lakes owned by utility companies — Bass, Shaver and Huntington, for example — and those run by the state — Millerton, San Luis — remain open.

But there are far more closures. Pine Flat Lake, Eastman Lake and Hensley Lake in Madera County and Lake Kaweah and Success Lake in Tulare County — all will be closed as of Sunday. Campers in the parks will have to leave campgrounds no later than 2 p.m.

And 102 camping reservations will need to be canceled in the Corps’ Sacramento region.

Yep, enjoy the great outdoors, folks. Until the gate locks you out.

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