Golden State Salmon Association Announces July 5 Day Of Action In Sacramento

The following is courtesy of the Golden State Salmon Association:

Dear Salmon Supporter,

Everywhere in California and into Oregon, we aren’t fishing. Salmon fishing families are struggling to make mortgage payments, and keep businesses afloat. Layoffs have occurred, retail sales and harbor revenues are down, and frustrated fishermen and women are searching for help and demanding solutions.
Don’t let Newsom continue to rob salmon of the water they need. 
RSVP for the Day of Action for Water Justice & Salmon on July 5th
On May 19th, 2023, California Governor Gavin Newsom vowed to suspend environmental laws in order to increase already massive diversions of salmon rivers for projects like the Delta Tunnel and Sites Reservoir. California is doing all it can to force our salmon into extinction and denying people clean water and a healthy Delta and San Francisco Bay.
Why are they choosing export crops over people, jobs, our natural resources and communities?
This shutdown is the result of disastrous mismanagement of our rivers from State and federal policies. It’s not complicated. Years of decisions to divert more water from salmon rivers for industrial agriculture led to river conditions that killed most salmon eggs and juveniles 3 years ago. That’s why there’s a shortage of adult salmon today. The Newsom Administration must do better.
Join us at the Day of Action for Water Justice & Salmon
12-2pm, West Steps of the State Capitol
1305 10th Street, Sacramento, CA 95814

Now is the time to take action! Join Golden State Salmon Association, tribes, fishermen and women, and conservation organizations on July 5, 2023 at the State Capitol in Sacramento as we come together for a common goal…saving salmon.
Scott Artis
Executive Director
Golden State Salmon Association