Commission Reverses GPS Hound Hunting Ban


Photo by Scott Haugen
Photo by Scott Haugen

With a 3-0 vote,  the California Fish and Game Commission reversed a ban on using GPS devices for hunting hounds Two organizations, the Sportsmen’s Alliance and California Houndsmen for Conservation, were among the most active advocates to overturn the ban. Starting July 1, dogs can be fitted with a GPS system.

The Sportsmen’s Alliance posted a press release  approving of the being lifted. Here is a sampling of the reaction:

“Today’s decision by the commission to allow the use of GPS dog recovery equipment for California’s hounds corrects an egregious policy that prevented hound owners from affording the greatest level of care to their four-legged hunting partners,” said Josh Brones, government affairs coordinator of western operations for the Sportsmen’s Alliance. “For the commission to vote in support of the department’s recommendations to end the ban, indicates their recognition of the role and value of logic and science in resource policy-making decisions.”

The use of GPS is legal for every other kind of dog in California including those used for upland and waterfowl hunting, livestock herding and pets. In addition, California’s former ban on the use of this recovery equipment for hounds was contrary to the attitudes of the rest of the country, as it was the only state in the nation to have had such a ban.

“We are delighted by the decision of the commissioners to correct this flawed regulation in stark rebuke of the irrational arguments of the animal-rights community that inexplicably argued against this animal welfare measure,” said Brones.