From Stripers To Salmon


Photos courtesy of Green Water Fishing Adventures
Photos courtesy of Green Water Fishing Adventures


Our friend Tony Sepulveda of Eureka-based Green Water Fishing Adventures shared this post:

My 2016 Sacramento River striped bass season is officially in the book and it was really a fantastic year.  The river had good flow and the fish came in big numbers.  We posted easy limits every day for the month I was there and on some days landed over 80 fish including a lot of catch and release!  It was great seeing all the familiar faces and I hope everyone had as much fun as I did.
Now it’s ocean time out of Eureka and Shellback is primed and ready for the May 15th rockfish/ lingcod opener, the May 16 king salmon kick off and we’ll also have crab pots in the water.  As most of you who have fished with me already know, we’re really blessed with an amazing fishery on the North Coast.  The Lost Coast area near Cape Mendocino is flat out as good as bottom-fishing gets anywhere on the West Coast of the continental U.S.  The quality and variety of rockfish is amazing and bouncing huge swimbaits for giant lingcod that can top 40 pounds is an unforgettable experience.  By popular demand I’m scheduling quite a few of these trips for 2016.  It seems like everybody that gets a taste of fishing the Lost Coast wants more.
We’ll also be scheduling some limited load, 4 person pacific halibut charters.  With fish running between 20 and 80 lbs these guys are the trophies of the North Coast.  By catering to smaller groups for this we increase everyone’s chance of success.
Salmon action kicks off in less than two weeks and with cool, nutrient rich waters a few miles to the south of the harbor entrance, things look prime.  Our season this year is split with open dates beingMay 16 -31, June 16 – 30, July 16 – August 15 and September 1 – 5.  After that, we’ll follow the kings up the Klamath River in our jet boat starting September 7 and running through October.
This year dates are flying faster than ever before.   I like to think that’s testament to how good our fisheries are and to the fact that I strive to offer the best possible experience each and every day.  Call or shoot me an email and we’ll get some dates on the books for you.
Hope you and yours are happy and well.  Looking forward to seeing you on the water.

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