Fisherman Injured In Shark Attack Off Pebble Beach



The above video, courtesy of the Monterey County Sheriff’s Department,  features footage of a terrifying shark attack on a fisherman off the coast of Pebble Beach.

Here’s the San Jose Mercury News with more on the victim, Grigor Azatian: 

Armen Azatian was surfacing from a spearfishing dive in Monterey Bay when he heard a bloodcurdling scream.

It was his 25-year-old son, who had just fought off what he said was a great white shark that ripped into his thigh and lower leg.

The elder Azatian didn’t witness the Friday attack, but realized immediately something catastrophic had happened — his son had never cried since he was a baby.

“It was like lightning struck my head and it was cracking,” Armen Azatian of Northridge said, as he recalled the attack and its aftermath on Sunday while his son underwent a second surgery to repair his badly damaged leg.

“It was horrifying; his muscles were torn apart,” said Azatian, a psychiatrist who worked for a year as a surgery intern but had never seen anything as gruesome. “I didn’t have that luxury to panic, to scream and be emotional,” he said. “I had to concentrate and do everything possible to help my son.”

Here’s to a full recovery for Grigor.