#Fishbra a growing trend on Instagram

#FishBras is the newest fad to hit Instagram, and as you’ll see, women are proudly showing off their fishing assets.

A new fish craze is hitting the picture-sharing site Instagram, were women anglers – proud of their catch – display a fish in front of their bare breasts.

Tagged using the term #FishBras, a quick search of Instagram will find just under 3,000 entries so far – and that number is growing on a daily basis.

What seems to be a trend mainly for saltwater anglers (it helps that they are mostly clad in bikinis), northern gals are also getting into the spirit by proudly displaying bass, perch, muskie, and pike.

#fishbras #fishbra

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And then there’s this guy, who just had to get in on the act…

At the least, #FishBras is certainly a creative way for showing off a great catch. And hey, fishing is supposed to be fun, so who are we to complain. One piece of advice – keep an adequate distance from those toothy catches!

by Justin Hoffman
Source: #fishbra Instagram