Field And Stream Names California The Nation’s Best Hog Hunting Destination State

Pig hunters should check out this Field and Stream report ranking of five states to enjoy a feral pig hunting adventure in states where the animals are considered invasive species and contain loose regulations and restrictions. Here’s what the famed publication says about the Golden State:

The Golden State is well-known for its excellent waterfowling, its big blacktails, and its copious flocks Rio Grande gobblers. But those with a penchant for things porcine will find that California has plenty to offer here, too—including some of the heaviest hogs in the nation. It’s estimated that the state’s hog population runs around 400,000. In an attempt to beat back the invasion, California just passed new legislation that does away with bag limits, lowers hunting license fees, and opens the door for the legalization of night-hunting for hogs.

Public-land hog hunting opportunities do exist in California, with many of these being draw or limited-entry hunts. According to statistics provided by the California Department of Fish and Wildlife, the top three hog counties with some degree of public access include Monterey, San Luis Obispo, and Kern Counties. But the Golden State’s best hog hunting opportunity is on private land. Fortunately, there are plenty of guides and outfitters to choose from, and you can still knock on doors and get access for a DIY hunt—especially if it’s hogs you’re after.

As for the rest of the rankings?

2. Florida

3. Georgia

4. Alabama

5. Texas