Is Facebook Suppressing Hunting and Fishing News Topics?

Recently, there was an interview story at Gizmodo, which they (Gizmodo) interviewed an anonymous, former “news curator” for Facebook.

In the story, the accusation was made that these curators purposely were told to keep more conservative topics such as Mitt Romney or Rand Paul from trending.

So this allegedly happened even with users chatter was causing topics to trend naturally. If this is true, this is going against Facebook’s claims the trending topics are not artificially altered or gamed in any way.

It’s common knowledge that Facebook trending topics are curated by a team of people, not machine learned. Excerpt from Gizmodo:
“We take these reports extremely seriously, and have found no evidence that the anonymous allegations are true,” Facebook’s VP of Search Tom Stocky posted on the site the other day.”

Could it be that human nature tends to sometimes do shady things? In other words, could someone in Facebook be hindering hunting, fishing and shooting topics from trending on the popular social media site? We (CalSports) wondered if Facebook is suppressing conservative politics and does this affect hunting, fishing and shooting topics? What do you all think?

Here’s the excerpt from Gizmodo interview below.

Source: Gizmodo, T Smola, Michael Nunez