Eagle Attacks Deer

From what it looks like, this eagle was going after the small deer. The eagle literally lifted the deer off its feets as both species goes tumbling on the ground with the eagle taking a dominant upper position.

There’s discussion on Reddit as to why the eagle didn’t get hurt while in the tumble, bird bones has been known to be fragile. So much for that statement.

Here’s the conversation from Reddit

[su_tab title=”Eagle attack deer”] 20 Dec 2015 06:20 – +2693
I’m really glad birds aren’t much bigger than they are. The constant threat of aerial death would make my morning commute much more stressful.
20 Dec 2015 05:53 – +900
That takedown doe.
20 Dec 2015 05:40 – +276
SLAM. This definitely belongs here /r/natureismetal
20 Dec 2015 07:22 – +191
What is the man doing in the video? Hat, coat in one arm, briefcase in the other? I don’t think we are watching a wild eagle … but a trained eagle with a staged deer for the eagle to attack
20 Dec 2015 05:51 – +76
To be fair the eagle is as big as the deer but its still amazing to watch
20 Dec 2015 07:30 – +70
I always hear about how fragile birds bones are… So I’m kind of confused on how this bird does a pretty hard crash and doesn’t get hurt from this ? Anyone ? Do they have thicker bones ?
20 Dec 2015 06:34 – +58
20 Dec 2015 09:45 – +15
20 Dec 2015 05:55 – +14
What a painful way to die

20 Dec 2015 07:51 – +12
Thats not bambis mom thats bambi. Eagle wouldnt be able to take down the adult
20 Dec 2015 05:54 – +9
The crazy thing is Although the eagle can’t pick up most. Like I don’t know if it can even carry this deer. But it killed it no problem. So I’m certain a determined eagle could fuck me up. Just swoop in and slash my throat apart. That’s scary. Eagles are badass.
20 Dec 2015 08:53 – +9
Damn nature, you scary
20 Dec 2015 10:23 – +8
Eagle vs Wolf: https://youtu.be/PaJ_xOY_QD4?t=10m52s
20 Dec 2015 10:22 – +8
*baby deer. A squirrel could have taken that thing down.
20 Dec 2015 10:32 – +6
If that deer had a little more life experience with bullies he would’ve turned at the right moment, jumped up and taken that eagle out of the air, whacking the shit out of it. There’s a time to run, and there are times to face reality.
20 Dec 2015 08:48 – +4
looks like a baby deer
20 Dec 2015 08:58 – +4
How do these raptor birds not break their wings when they tumble at speed like that? I see them sorta roll with their prey frequently when they take them down. Unless their wings are a lot stronger than I thought…
20 Dec 2015 09:48 – +3
I can’t find the video, but I remember watching something about hunters in mongolia using golden eagles to hunt wolves. It was the most interesting shit ever.
20 Dec 2015 11:20 – +3
So this is what happens when you level falconry to 99…. [/su_tab]

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