Duck Hunting with a Bow

Is this a trend in hunting?
Turns out this is a thing: bow hunting for ducks.
So, you practice with your bow all the time? I thought I was pretty good with my bow. Then I watched Tim Wells video below.

Duck hunting with a bow is a huge challenge. Shooting well with a bow like Tim, takes a lot of practice. Its amazing to see him take out several birds while they were flying. Being able to shoot a bow well makes you appreciate having a shotgun.

I know people who have a hard time leading a duck with a shotgun; not to mention, one of those birds was hit perfectly in the head. The beautiful slow-motion footage just rubs salt in the wound.

Let’s face it: this is some amazing footage and even better shooting. Now, watch the video again and keep an eye on his bow. That’s right; he doesn’t use sight pins. Awesome! How many of you have tried duck hunting with a bow?

by Jake VanDeLaare

Source: Tim Wells Youtube