Dried-Up Reservoir Reveals Dead Fish In Lassen County

Photo by California Department of Water Resources
Photo by California Department of Water Resources

The California drought took out another bunch of victims in Northern California’s Lassen County.

Redding’s ABC affiliate KRCR had the details:

People in the town of Westwood in Lassen County are looking for answers after the Mountain Meadows Reservoir became almost dry this week.

The California Department of Fish and Wildlife (CDFW) said between hundreds and thousands of fish died, but it’s hard to estimate an exact number. …

The dam is owned by PG&E and permitted with CDFW to control water flows and protect local fish.

The reservoir is a shallow lake and fluctuates frequently throughout the year, but only dropped even lower due to the current ongoing drought. …

CDFW said by the time they were notified of this issue and came out to investigate, the damage was already done and the reservoir was practically dry.