Delta Striped Bass Action On Now



A message from Manuel Saldana Jr. of MSJ Guide Service :

Striped bass season is coming up fast with the weather taking a quick turn to 70 degrees means the water is starting to warm up and the striped bass will start making their way up from the saltwater into The California Delta and the Sacramento & Feather rivers for their annual spawn.

This year I will start my Striped Bass fishing trips on March 18th thru April 18th in the California Delta I will be fishing every day.
If we receive more rain in the month of March I will then fish up North in the Sacramento and Feather Rivers after April 18. If we not I will stay in the Delta until May 15!


Some folks already booked their fishing trip at the International Sportsman’s Exposition Show in Sacramento last month other’s called soon after and got on the books.

Now is the time to book your Striped Bass fishing trip to get in on the prime dates. Don’t be the one that waits for the last minute to call and the day you can fish is already booked.

Striped bass fishing trips offer a lot of action for everyone aboard and makes for a great way to spend a day on the water with your family or friends.

We catch striped bass in many ways from casting lures, trolling lures, jigging spoons and live bait too. If this is your style of fishing give Capt. Manuel a call today! I can be reached by phone or by my website under the contact tab.

Capt. Manuel Saldana Jr.