Are Days Numbered For California Trout, Salmon?

Photo by CDFW


Here’s some good news – waves sarcasm flag – for your Thursday: The San Diego Union-Tribune has a report on the future of California’s trout and salmon populations (outlook is not so good):

Three quarters of California’s trout and salmon are at risk of extinction over the next century because of climate change, drought and other threats, a report by UC Davis and CalTrout warned Wednesday.

The report reviewed all 31 species of the state’s native trout, salmon and steelhead — together known as salmonid fish — and concluded that 23 of those are likely to disappear within 100 years. Of those, 14 species could go extinct within 50 years, the report stated.

Among the most imperiled is the Southern Steelhead, an ocean-going trout native to Southern California waterways, including several creeks and rivers in San Diego and Orange Counties. Others include commercially important salmon runs in Central and Northern California.

The potential loss could damage the state’s salmon fisheries and $7 billion inland sportfishing sector, and also herald broader environmental crises, said Curtis Knight, executive director of CalTrout.

“If you love fish, you love to go fishing, that’s a concern,” he said, but added, “These are more than just resident fish. Their health indicates the health of our waters, which are important for all Californians.”

Here’s a link to the report from UC Davis and CalTrout. Have a great night!