CRPA, Others, Sue State Of California Over Orange County Fairgrounds Gun Shows Ban


The following is courtesy of the California Rifle and Pistol Association:

CRPA, in concert with B&L Productions, Second Amendment Foundation and Asian Pacific American Gun Owners Association, filed suit to repeal the ban on gun shows at the state-owned Orange County Fairgrounds.  More details and the filing itself can be found at CRPA’s News page.

After CRPA, SAF, GOC, APAGOA, and others successfully defeated a ban on gun shows at the Del Mar Fairgrounds in federal court in 2019, Min, pushed by gun-owner-hating Gavin Newsom, tried to get around the First Amendment issues that caused the court to strike down the Del Mar gun show ban. In seeking other ways to essentially ban gun shows, they came up with SB 264 — which bans the sale of guns and ammo on the property, rather than banning the gun show itself.

“This sneaky law creates a distinction without a difference,” said CRPA President Chuck Michel, “The intent is still to effectively ban gun shows as a step towards eliminating the gun culture. Min is just a cog in wanna-be-president Newsom’s war on the rights of legal gun owners and already heavily regulated state/federal licensed businesses.”

This filing comes on the heels of last week’s filing of Boland v Bonta, challenging the state’s handgun roster, and represents another step forward in the ongoing effort to obliterate decades of anti-2A laws with the hammer of the NYSRPA v Bruen decision.