Collins Lake Update

Our friends at Collins Lake provided this fishing update on this Sierra foothills lake near Yuba City.


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Any day now we will get a double trout plant of (larger than normal) sized trout from Fish & Game. The lake is still at it’s winter low so catching these fish will be a breeze!! You may have to walk a little farther but we’ll make sure it’s worth it and the weather is expected to be close to 70 degrees for a high all week long. This should coax a few campers out, especially from Nevada!

Collins Lake 2

The New Year brought some nice catches starting with Chase Knieriem of Granite Bay. Chase hooked the biggest trout that week, a 4-pound, 8-ounce rainbow right off the sand beach using peach Powerbait.

Collins Lake 3

Haley Rodriguez from Citrus Heights came in second with a 2-pound, 8-ounce. trout. Haley was in a boat trolling in front of the beach using worms.

Collins Lake 1

A 10-trout stringer went home with the Soucy boys and the Blaton boys! They fished the shallow water by the bridge and they fished with Powerbait.

Collins Lake 4

Richard, Cheyenne, & Melly fished in front of their campsite right below the store and caught four trout also using Powerbait.

By Kathy Hess