Coalition Formed To Help Salmon Numbers


California’s struggling salmon runs have the attention of state and federal agencies, so it’s important to bring together the experts to find a solution as to how to improve the numbers. Hence, The Central Valley Salmon Habitat Partnership.

Here’s the San Francisco Chronicle with more on the new organization:

The Central Valley Salmon Habitat Partnership will include 21 members — state and federal water and wildlife agencies, plus groups representing conservationists, farmers, water suppliers and the fishing industry — seeking to study, develop and fund projects to restore and protect vital habitats.

The partnership deal was signed Tuesday by John Laird, California’s secretary for natural resources.

“This group will take meaningful, decisive action to restore the types of habitat — in the right places — that these fish need to survive and even thrive,” said Curtis Knight, executive director of the conservation group California Trout.

 The Central Valley rivers and tributaries are historically the second most productive habitat for salmon on the West Coast, behind the Columbia River in the Pacific Northwest.

But dams, channels, and the destruction of wetlands and floodplains over the past century have impeded access to spawning grounds, ruined food sources and made salmon vulnerable to predation. Steelhead trout and two of the four distinct runs of Chinook salmon are now listed as threatened or endangered.