CDFW, NPS Team Up To Evaluate SoCal Celebrity Mountain Lion P-22

The following is courtesy of the California Department of Fish and Wildlife:

P-22 photo courtesy of National Park Service.

The California Department of Fish and Wildlife (CDFW) and National Park Service (NPS) announced plans today to capture the world-famous mountain lion P-22 and bring him in for a health evaluation. Following that evaluation, CDFW veterinarians and NPS biologists will determine the best next steps for the animal while also prioritizing the safety of the surrounding communities.

P-22 has been reported near human dwellings close to his habitat in Griffith Park. Reports include sightings, video camera recordings and physical encounters with the lion. P-22 is a remarkably old cat in the wild and, after being deemed responsible for killing a leashed pet last month, may be exhibiting signs of distress.

This is an unprecedented situation in which a mountain lion has continued to survive in such an urban setting. As P-22 has aged, however, the challenges associated with living on an island of habitat seem to be increasing and scientists are noting a recent change in his behavior. This underscores the consequences of a lack of habitat connectivity for mountain lions and all wildlife.

CDFW and NPS do not require assistance to capture and evaluate P-22 and ask that members of the public refrain from any involvement in the effort.

CDFW and NPS have long partnered together on issues related to P-22 and have been involved with him most of his life. Both agencies are actively monitoring the situation and evaluating the most humane options available for a plan of action for the lion and the community in which he lives.