CDFW Announces Public-Land Closures For Wildfire Threats

The following is courtesy of the California Department of Fish and Wildlife:

The California Department of Fish and Wildlife (CDFW) has closed 49 propertiesthat lie within or immediately adjacent to U.S. Forest Service (USFS) boundaries due to unprecedented and historic fire conditions. Effective immediately, these properties are closed to the public through Monday, Sept. 14.

All closures are CDFW wildlife areas or ecological reserves, and they cover many parts of the state. They were closed following the USFS announcement of the temporary closure of all national forests in California.

Fire danger is extreme in California currently. Hunters and outdoor enthusiasts are strongly encouraged to check for closures before leaving on any recreational trip. The following links show up-to-date closures:

CDFW acknowledges that hunting opportunities will be impacted. Tag return and preference point eligibility requirements and additional information may be found on CDFW’s website.  

CDFW Wildlife Areas and Ecological Reserves within or immediately adjacent to USFS lands September 11, 2020

1SiskiyouWildlife AreaCantara — Ney Springs Wildlife AreaShasta National Forest153.84
1SiskiyouEcological ReserveChina Point Ecological ReserveKlamath National Forest239.2
1ShastaWildlife Areapage1image29152Cinder Flats Wildlife AreaLassen National Forest, Shasta National Forest720
1SiskiyouWildlife AreaGrass Lake Wildlife AreaKlamath National Forest29.55
1SiskiyouWildlife AreaButte Valley Wildlife AreaKlamath National Forest13391.54
1ModocWildlife AreaSurprise Valley Wildlife AreaModoc National Forest459.48
1LassenWildlife AreaSilver Creek Wildlife AreaModoc National Forest2010.47
1Modocpage1image62632Wildlife AreaDutch Flat Wildlife AreaModoc National Forest160
1Modocpage1image69688Wildlife AreaFitzhugh Creek Wildlife AreaModoc National Forest2080
2Sierrapage1image77696Wildlife AreaAntelope Valley Wildlife Areapage1image80184Tahoe National Forest, Toiyabe National Forest5775.8
2AlpineWildlife AreaFay Canyon Wildlife AreaEldorado National Forest, Toiyabe National Forest725.27
2Alpinepage1image92152Wildlife Areapage1image93120Heenan Lake Wildlife AreaToiyabe National Forest1652.76
2LakeWildlife AreaIndian Valley Wildlife Areapage1image102368Mendocino National Forest4987.82
2NevadaEcological Reservepage1image108344Macklin Creek Ecological ReserveTahoe National Forest31.57
2AlpineWildlife AreaRed Lake Wildlife AreaEldorado National Forest,Toiyabe National Forest860
2Nevadapage1image120664Wildlife Areapage1image121632Truckee River Wildlife AreaTahoe National Forest, Toiyabe National Forest5273.93
2ButteEcological ReserveButte Creek House Ecological ReserveLassen National Forest320
2SierraWildlife Areapage1image136584Smithneck Creek Wildlife Areapage1image137632Tahoe National Forest, Toiyabe National Forest1389.4
2PlumasWildlife Areapage1image144296Warner Valley Wildlife AreaLassen National Forest688.76
2AlpineWildlife AreaHope Valley Wildlife AreaEldorado National Forest, Toiyabe National Forest2869.44
2Sierrapage1image156656Wildlife AreaHallelujah Junction Wildlife AreaTahoe National Forest, Toiyabe National Forest13396.73
2PlumasWildlife AreaCrocker Meadows Wildlife AreaPlumas National, Tahoe National Forest Forest2797.09
2El DoradoEcological ReserveLeek Springs Ecological ReserveEldorado National Forest160.59
4TulareEcological ReserveBlue Ridge Ecological ReserveSequoia National Forest1657.45
4MaderaWildlife AreaKinsman Flat Wildlife AreaSierra National Forest511.65
4TulareEcological ReserveKaweah Ecological ReserveSequoia National Forest103.09
4TulareEcological Reservepage2image35280Springville Ecological ReserveSequoia National Forest4.46
4San Luis ObispoEcological ReserveCarrizo Plains Ecological ReserveLos Padres National Forest39115.39
4Tularepage2image48712Wildlife AreaMonache Meadows Wildlife AreaInyo National Forest, Sequoia National Forest248.06
4KernEcological ReserveCanebrake Ecological ReserveSequoia National Forest7554.84
4Tuolumnepage2image62056Ecological ReserveSands Meadow Ecological ReserveStanislaus National Forest120
5Venturapage2image70168Ecological Reservepage2image71240Coldwater Canyon Ecological ReserveLos Padres National Forest58.49
5OrangeEcological ReserveCoal Canyon Ecological ReserveCleveland National Forest955.64
5San Diegopage2image83720Ecological ReservePlaisted Creek Ecological ReserveCleveland National Forest465.32
5San Diegopage2image90920Ecological ReserveSycuan Peak Ecological ReserveCleveland National Forest2690.26
5San Diegopage2image98120Ecological ReserveBoden Canyon Ecological ReserveCleveland National Forest1221.1
5San DiegoEcological Reservepage2image107344page2image107816Boulder Creek Ecological ReserveCleveland National Forest36.78
6San BernardinoEcological ReserveBaldwin Lake Ecological ReserveSan Bernardino National Forest156.19
6Monopage2image120776Ecological ReserveBy Day Creek Ecological ReserveToiyabe National Forest460
6MonoEcological ReserveRiver Spring Lakes Ecological ReserveInyo National Forest, Toiyabe National Forest637.65
6MonoWildlife AreaSlinkard / Little Antelope Wildlife AreaToiyabe National Forest11647.17
6RiversideEcological ReserveCarrizo Canyon Ecological ReserveSan Bernardino National Forest1661.52
6MonoWildlife AreaPickel Meadow Wildlife AreaStanislaus National Forest, Toiyabe National Forest991.32
6MonoWildlife AreaWest Walker River Wildlife AreaToiyabe National Forest767
6InyoWildlife AreaButtermilk Country Wildlife AreaInyo National Forest, Sierra National Forest317.49
6MonoWildlife AreaGreen Creek Wildlife AreaInyo National Forest, Toiyabe National Forest2756
6MonoWildlife AreaEast Walker River Wildlife AreaToiyabe National Forest1365.92
6InyoWildlife Areapage3image56472Cartago Wildlife AreaInyo National Forest218.47
6Monopage3image64040Wildlife AreaBurcham & Wheeler Flats Wildlife AreaToiyabe National Forest1235.51