Catfish Biting At Collins Lake

Amelia Burton's two Collins Lake catfish.
Amelia Burton’s two Collins Lake catfish.


The following fishing report is courtesy of Collins Lake:

Catfish were No. 1 this past week and it didn’t matter what the bait was’ they seem to like it all.

Amelia Burton (above) who fished off the dock with her daddy and, they caught two nice cats (biggest was 4 pounds) and they used hot dogs!!

Arabella Derfuss of Vacaville

Arabella Derfuss from Vacaville caught a stringer of crappie and one little catfish, and her bait of choice was worms fished down by the dam.

Kyle Welter from Roseville 6 lb. & 7 lb. 4 oz.cats

Kyle Welter from Roseville hit it big with his two cats, the biggest one weighing 7 pounds, 4 ounces,. and the second one was a 6-pounder!  Kyle fished off the dock and used the all-time favorite bait here at CollinsLake, frozen chicken livers.

Dustin Kern & Noel Mcaleese (1)

Dustin Kern came a from Minnesota to fish our lake with Noel Mcaleese from Grass Valley! They were fishing in a cove across the face of the dam with red PowerBait and they caught a 3-pound. rainbow trout.

As the night temperatures continue to drop into the high 50s. I expect to see a lot more trout being caught from shore in the next few weeks.  The most common bait used is PowerBait, and their favorite color seems to be chartreuse.