Case Cruzer: Carrying cases geared for travel

Here’s the latest from CaseCruzer:

2-Pack Quick Draw Gun Case: Preppers appreciate the importance of firearm safety. The CaseCruzer 2-Pack Quick Draw accommodates semi-automatic handguns up to 9.25 inches and revolvers with a barrel length up to 4 inches. The interior slots store handguns in a quick-draw position. Handguns are protected against water, air and dust. Comes with a lifetime warranty.

WineCruzer : The WineCruzer 8-Pack PRO carrying case is a mobile mini-wine cellar by CaseCruzer that accommodates up to eight bottles of wine, where four bottles can be stored on the lower tray, and the remaining bottles on the upper tray.

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Cruzer Gun CaseWine Cruzer