Canoeist Off Oceanside Gets A Love Tap From A Shark

Canoeist Julie Wolfe experienced a little too much of the Pacific Ocean’s natural environment when her boat was bitten by a shark.

Here’s San Diego’s ABC 10 News with more, including an interview with Wolfe:

“I wasn’t sure if it was chasing me, so I was paddling real fast. And then about a minute into my paddle, I felt a tug,” she said. “I felt it tug on my paddle, and that’s when I screamed like a little girl, aaaahhh!!”

Despite her canoe taking on water, Wolfe was able to make it back to shore.

Wolfe was unable to see the shark due to the nature of the attack, but after talking with an expert at the Shark Research Institute, Wolfe learned it was an 11-12 foot great white shark that bit her canoe. 

Wolfe said that the expert told her she was likely in the shark’s feeding area and it just wanted her gone.

Wolfe deadpanned to the station that she had no problem getting out of the way. Glad she’s OK.

Fox 5 in San Diego also had a report: