California Waterfowl Spends Opener With Veterans At Moon Lake

Great report from California Waterfowl about a special hunt with veterans as the waterfowl season opened up:

Sunday morning the weather had changed, a steady north wind was blowing making ideal conditions for the next seven veterans hunkering in the blinds near Lambertville. The snow storm battles from the day before were re-lived with this group and the anticipation and excitement for the coming “snow storm” was high. Right before shoot time the ducks put on another amazing show but decided on another disappearing act. “Here comes the geese,” whispered one of the veteran guides as a flock of snows appeared over the trees. Wings set, feet down, and determined to get to the rice before their flock mates … and as the veterans fired, four snows tumbled from the sky. Another flock set its sights on the adjacent blind and Veteran Guide Mike Cullins coaxed them in with a crescendo of calls. As the geese came in feet down at 15 yards, Mike barked his Marine Corp Orders … ”shoot em”, and another five geese lay in the decoys. Not to be outdone, the ducks showed back up and the 25 mph north wind handed out lessons as a reminder on how challenging shooting can be in the wind. That didn’t last long, these were Veterans after all, and they quickly figured out how to lead and multiple ducks and geese dropped in the decoys.

Finally, with limits of Speckled Geese, three per hunter as the location is in the Conservation Zone, straps of ducks, and more than a handful of Snows, the veterans stowed their gear, headed to the trucks and reminisced on one of the best opening day shoots they had ever experienced. Friends were made, phone numbers were exchanged, and another “platoon” of Veterans enjoyed a waterfowl hunt with CWA’s Veteran Hunt Program.

Great job by everyone!